Author: Vicky Sylvester

Globalization, Language, Literature, Culture

  • Book Category: Literature
  • ISBN: 978-1-733587292
  • No. of Pages: 253

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Globalization, Language, Literature and Culture is a collection of critical essays by different scholars. The 354 page book was written in honor of Professor Mnguember Vicky Sylvester, a versatile academic, specialized in teaching English language and Literature, Creative Writing, Philosophy and Culture, Peace and Conflict Studies and Entrepreneurship Development at different levels of her teaching career. In 2018, members of the University of Abuja community, across different faculties proposed and announced the Vicky Sylvester Conference on Globalization, Language, Literature and Culture (SylvesterConfab), to celebrate her contributions as Director General Studies where she introduced the Peace study program and the Enterpreneurship Development as well as to the literary world and community development. The book contains 25 critical essays, and a keynote address delivered at the conference in honor of the Professor in October, 2018. The keynote address expounded on the concept of Globalization, Language, Literature, Humanities and Culture. The keynote speaker, Professor Angela Freeman Miri, the Vice Chancellor, Federal University, Lokoja reveals the influence of globalization on African culture and emphasizes the need to practice and preserve the cultures that unifies all Africans for posterity. Commenting on the diversity of voices of academia in the book, Professor Rosemary Nnena Isu, the chair of the Conference Committee attest, 'The beauty of the diversity of boi captured here cannot be missed on this wide and increasingly evolving global world which makes the combination of ideas from varying disciplines a necessary change of clime and time'.

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