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Terms and Conditions

By registering as a user or content provider on boldscholar, you have agreed to the terms and conditions governing every User or Content Provider on Boldscholar as stated below:

Carefully Read This Terms and Conditions

Do not read this terms and conditions in a hurry. Patiently read through the document. It is a legal document, and will guide you in your activities on Boldscholar. This is an agreement between:

  1. Boldscholar Research Ltd and Content Providers (everyone who uploads contents on Boldscholar); and
  2. Boldscholar Research Ltd and Users (User who subscribe to access contents on Boldscholar)

Users and Content Provider's terms of use on Boldscholar

This Agreement sets forth the terms of agreement between Boldscholar Research Ltd, a private limited company, which owns and operates boldscholar.com (hereinafter referred to as Boldscholar) and any author, teacher, publisher, institution, researcher, individual or agent named on this agreement, who provides content on Boldscholar (hereinafter individually and collectively called Content Providers) as well as any person, group or entity however described interested in using materials generated or displayed on Boldscholar (hereafter called User). The parties hereto, intending to be legally bound, agree as follows:

  • Platform is solely for the dissemination of intellectual resources through the provision of research aids (men and materials) for a fee or free.
  • The ownership of materials provided herein is as ascribed and may only be assigned, traded or dealt with in any other way with the express consent of the rights owner.
  • The platform does not make guarantees of any kind concerning resources (human and material) provided herein.
  • Content providers are deemed owners of materials provided (except where the contrary is provided) and shall bear all such liabilities as may arise concerning the materials provided.

Services Provided on Boldscholar

  • Scalable Learning Management System (LMS) for online and distance learning 
  • Digital library access to academic Books and journals
  • Journal indexing and aggregation
  • Electronic and physical book publishing


The Duties of Boldscholar

  • Boldscholar shall make Digital content(s) created and/or produced by Content Providers (hereinafter referred to as Content) available on Boldscholar for browsing and access by Users on subscription costs set at the discretion of Boldscholar, and to make any images related to the content (hereinafter referred to as Image) available for viewing by Users. The agreed upon percentage of the proceeds from each accessed content shall be collected by Boldscholar and turned over to the Content Provider as set forth herein.
  • Boldscholar shall make Hardcopy content(s) created and/or produced by Content Providers (hereinafter referred to as Content) available on Boldscholar for browsing and outright buying by Users at costs set at the discretion of Content Provider, and to make any images related to the content (hereinafter referred to as Image) available for viewing to Users. The agreed upon percentage of the proceeds from each sold content shall be collected by Boldscholar and turned over to the Content Provider as set forth herein.
  • Boldscholar shall see that the contents provided by the Content Provider remain visible to Content Users for as long as the Content Provider wishes to let it remain on Boldscholar, except where the Content provider defaults in the terms and conditions guiding his activities on Boldscholar.
  • Boldscholar shall respect the privacy statement of the Content Provider and User, and shall disclose only as much information as is permitted in writing by either the Content Provider or User as the need arises.
  • Boldscholar shall monitor the shipping of hardcopy contents paid for by the User. It shall see that the content gets to the Content Buyer on time. 
  • Boldscholar shall properly offer technical assistance to every Content Provider or User who may have such need in the course of providing or accessing contents from Boldscholar.

The Duties of the Content Provider

  • Ensure that you sign up and register appropriately on Boldscholar.
  • Crosscheck the information you provided during registration, as wrong information may mislead Boldscholar and affect the discharge of its responsibilities to you.
  • Considering that this is a do-it-yourself platform, it is your duty to upload your content. Contact Boldscholar via [email protected] if you have problems uploading your content.
  • Be certain that you have the right to market or distribute the content you upload on Boldscholar. And if another Content Provider on Boldscholar violates your copyright, contact Boldscholar for redress.
  • Do not plagiarize someone else's content. Contact Boldscholar if another Content Provider on Boldscholar plagiarizes your content.
  • Ensure you do not abuse the platform by using it to disseminate information on terrorism or other criminal information 


Duration of Marketing Agreement between Boldscholar and Content Provider

The Content Provider chooses when to upload his content and when to delete it from the platform, with a prior notice to Boldscholar.


Grant of Non-Exclusive Rights

Subject to the terms of this agreement, the Content Provider hereby grants to Boldscholar a non-exclusive license/right to digitally market, advertise, promote, sell, transmit and otherwise post the contents on Boldscholar or any advertisement platform or medium and make entire selections or portions provided by the Content Provider available for previewing by the public and for downloading at a fee, unless where the Content Provider indicates the content can be accessed free of charge.


Content Provider also grants to Boldscholar and its subsidiaries a world-wide, non-exclusive license to display his/her Artwork(s), image and/or likeness of content Provider for marketing, online and outdoor promotional purposes throughout the universe.


Boldscholar, being the trademark of Boldscholar Research Limited, is a learning management system and a digital media store with an archive of journals, Books, with a convenient file search and download system. Users who participate in class lectures, access its website or download its applications and register are charged for downloading content in accordance with the payment conditions and rules set by Boldscholar Research Limited. All Users must register in order to obtain full access to Boldscholar services.

Non-registered Users have limited access to Boldscholar. They can only browse the catalogue and preview limited samples of contents. Boldscholar Research Ltd will make reasonable efforts to monitor the use of Boldscholar to prohibit users from downloading content without payment, to prevent the abuse of the platform contents, and to prevent any interruption of access to Users.



1. For softcopy – Worldwide


2. For hardcopy – only to shipping locations available on Boldscholar


3. Learning Management System - Worldwide


Royalty Payment 

  1. Content Provider: will earn 50 kobo for each digital page of his eBook or article read by a subscriber, and 50kobo for every second a subscriber listens to the Audio of his book.
  2. Content Provider: where content is a hardcopy book/journal  Content Provider shall be paid based on the agreement signed between him and Boldscholar 
  3. Payment Duration: based on agreed percentage, no matter how big or little is the accrued sum, Boldscholar shall pay accrued royalties quarterly to every Content Provider, except where Content Provider makes an early request from the platform..


On Contents Deployed as E-Library Database for Subscription

By uploading a softcopy of your work on Boldscholar, you have given Boldscholar the right to deploy your softcopy content as e-library content to academic institutions through its e-library database. 


Refund is within thirty days after the Content User makes a request. Only payments made for hardcopy contents are refundable.

  1. Content User: shall receive a refund of payment if he cancels his payment order within two hours.

Note: This only applies to hardcopies. 


1. Content Provider

  • If you plagiarize or steal another author's content, Boldscholar shall suspend your account.
  • If you upload what is contrary to the content description you provide on your store, Boldscholar shall suspend your account until you apologize to Boldscholar in writing.
  • If your account is suspended three times on the same issue, it shall be deleted from Boldscholar and you will never be allowed to upload contents on the platform.
  • If you use Boldscholar to engage in any fraudulent activities, Boldscholar shall delete your account on its platform and take further steps to report you to relevant authorities.
  • If you upload any content on Boldscholar with the intention of corrupting its electronic files, crashing its database, or by any means damaging the integrity of the platform, Boldscholar shall delete your account and take legal actions against you.
  1. User
  • If you attempt to bypass the payment system, we shall suspend your account and take legal actions against you.

Content Provider's Representation as to Intellectual Property Rights

Content Owner represents and warrants to Boldscholar as follows:

  • That Content Provider is the true and rightful owner of uploaded content, or is licensed or otherwise possesses legally enforceable rights to use the registered and unregistered rights, titles, copyrights or other intellectual property rights relating to the content(s) and Artwork(s) provided to Boldscholar by Content Provider under this Agreement, including but not limited to the right to digitally reproduce, market, advertise, offer for download, promote, sell and transmit and otherwise use the content(s) and Artwork(s);
  • That Content Provider has conducted a thorough investigation as to the content(s) concerning copyright infringement or other rights of third parties;
  • That the execution and delivery of this agreement or the performance by Boldscholar of the obligations hereunder will not violate any intellectual property rights of third parties: and
  • That no claims with respect to the Content Provider’s intellectual property rights or third party intellectual property rights in the content or Artwork are currently pending, or to the knowledge of the Content Provider, are threatened by any person, nor to the Content Owner’s knowledge, do any grounds for any claims exist.


Content Provider acknowledges that those representations are material to this Agreement, and that Boldscholar is relying on these representations and warranties its consideration for agreeing to make the Content available for online sales. Boldscholar, if approached by a third party, shall investigate the ownership of all rights to any and all content provided hereunder. Content Provider agrees to provide Boldscholar all necessary documentation of ownership or other legal rights, including without limitation all pertinent trademarks, copyright and licensing information, if the need arises.

By reserving these rights, Boldscholar does not in any way assume an obligation to investigate or verify ownership of, or rights to, any content(s) provided by Content Provider, and Boldscholar may rely on the Content Provider’s representations and warranties. In addition to Boldscholar’s other rights hereunder, if Boldscholar determines, or has reason to believe, that the Content Provider does not have the authority to produce the content(s), Boldscholar shall have no further obligations to the Content Provider to provide any services with respect to such contents.

Content Provider’s Representation as to Content

Notwithstanding Content Provider’s representation herein, Boldscholar reserves the right to decline to post any content that it deems to be offensive or below expected standard, or to discontinue posting of such material with a prior notice to the content Provider. Content Provider further represents that the content supplied to Boldscholar is free from contamination, viruses, or Meta data that could damage or infect the Boldscholar digital media store or users who access Boldscholar platforms.


Manuscript, Review and Delivery

Content Provider agrees, if so required by Boldscholar, or if not already done so, to deliver and in final revised form an English language manuscript of a length and in a format or formats as agreed, and by a date as agreed. If, in the opinion of Boldscholar, the manuscript is unacceptable or unsatisfactory, Boldscholar may reject it either through written notice or email within thirty (30) days of delivery, in which case this agreement shall be deemed terminated and there shall be no further obligation to publish said work, or to make any further payment hereunder, and all rights granted under this agreement shall be terminated.


Editing Rights 
Changes, additions, deletions, abridgements, or condensations in the text of the content or changes of title shall be made by the Content Provider, its agents, or employees. Also, where Boldscholar Review Team finds errors on the content, it shall advice the Content Provider to correct the error, or with the permission from the Content Provider effect such corrections. And where the Content Provider fails to heed advice from Boldscholar to effect the correction, Boldscholar has the right to delete the content from the platform. 

Internet interruption and website contamination

Boldscholar is not responsible to Content Provider for any interruption of access to the Boldscholar website or application for any reason, or for any contamination, virus or infection that causes damage to Content Provider’s content uploaded onto the Boldscholar digital media store. Boldscholar is not responsible for any loss of revenue or goodwill to Content Provider due to any such interruption or contamination, including but not limited to any damage to Content Provider’s reputation that may result.


Amendment and Termination

Boldscholar reserves the right to change, amend, and supplement this policy/Agreement at any time, at its sole discretion. Boldscholar shall undertake to notify Content Provider of all prospective changes to the Agreement. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Boldscholar shall have the right, with cause or reason, to suspend or delete the account of any Content Provider, whose activities violates the use of this platform.


Boldscholar acknowledges that as between the parties, all rights, all title and interest in and to the Content Provider’s Content(s) and all copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade names and other intellectual property rights embodied therein, excluding any and all rights in other materials and intellectual property posted on Boldscholar, are, will be and remain the sole and complete property of the Content Provider and the National Library of Nigeria.

Any dispute or difference between Boldscholar and Content Provider hereto arising out of or relating to this policy/Agreement, including any related to its valid formation, breach, violation, termination or invalidity shall be resolved between the parties through mutual negotiation within a period of 30 days from the time it arose.

In the event that parties are unable to settle through negotiation, either party shall be entitled to refer the Dispute to arbitration for final settlements in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Reconciliation Act, Chapter A18, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.

All Arbitration Proceedings or litigation (to the extent the remedy requested is not by law, available through arbitration [e.g., injunctive relief] relating to any claims or disputes arising under shall be attended by both parties and their respective legal representatives.


Any order, award or determination of the arbitral tribunal shall be final and binding upon the parties to the arbitration and may be entered only in a court having jurisdiction within the state where Boldscholar office is located. 


Governing Law

This Agreement, the breach thereof, shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The place of performance of this contract shall be within the state where Boldscholar head office is located.


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