Author: Tonye Clinton Jaja

An Introduction to Comparative Legislative Drafting

  • Book Category: Law
  • ISBN: 978-978-787-435-6
  • No. of Pages: 317

Tab Article

An Introduction to Comparative Legislative Drafting has been conceived as an academic tool for students following the course entitled MLD 806-Comparative Legislative Drafting. Students are therefore regaled with a superb textbook which covers a significant part of the compulsory reading materials for this course, specifically targeted to impart knowledge on comparative legislative drafting. Unfortunately, legislative drafting tends to be relatively neglected in the study of law worldwide. Yet if law students familiarise themselves with this subject, they will not only make better lawyers but the laws produced would be more refined with less problematic gaps, inconsistencies and contradictions contained therein. Hence, it is imperative that legislative drafting is placed at the core of legal studies, not at its periphery, not to say being totally excluded from study at tertiary level as frequently happens. This textbook precisely does this.

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