Who We Are


Boldscholar Research Ltd is an educational technology, consulting and publishing company that focuses on creating online visibility and easy access to educational resources, with the intention of encouraging academic learning and research in Africa.

The organization’s trademark is Boldscholar, a platform that provides visibility and easy access to local academic resources from institutions across Africa. The platform is managed by Boldscholar Research Ltd in partnership with the National Library of Nigeria (NLN). 

Boldscholar pays great attention to academic journals. It focuses on aggregating and indexing journals by giving academic institutions and journal organisations the right to manage their own journal publications by themselves on Boldscholar, for online visibility and easy access. Each institution or journal organisation constitutes its own Editorial Board Members who handle the peer-review of its journal, and the constituted Editorial Board Members must be listed on its webpage on Boldscholar. 

Authors can easily self-publish their works on Boldscholar and generate wide readership and income from their books 

On Boldscholar, published works are accessed on subscription bases by readers who subscribe to Boldscholar at a price decided by Boldscholar Research Limited. The company makes remittances to authors for works read by subscribers.

Our Services: 

  • Scalable Learning Management System (LMS) for online and distance learning 
  • Digital library access to academic books and journals
  • Journal indexing and aggregation
  • Book publishing (electronic and hardcopy)

Mission: to trigger academic research revolution in Africa, starting from Nigeria.

Vision: to make learning and knowledge accessible to all, leveraging on information communication technology.

Pillars of Our Vision: Contents Visibility, Accessibility, Quality and Revenue

Boldscholar is focused on encouraging academic learning in Africa through the provision of easy access to digital educational resources.



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